WTF (#WhatThe!?Friday)

Huh?! Four months since my last blog post!? I really do suck at this….but seriously, folks. I have been experiencing a Renaissance, of sorts. As the layers of residue from over a dozen unnecessary medications get peeled away, I can see more and more clearly. I can feel more clearly. Plus, I’ve been so BUSY since quitting my full-time job with freelance work, that I’m only just now coming up for air!

This is me:


Except it’s more like:


So now that I finally have a minute to breathe and collect my thoughts on what has happened over the past year and a half, I have no words. Save for: What. The. Fuck. Oh my god, GUYS! I was literally being drugged into a vegetative state by negligent medical professionals! Ahhh! Only now that I’m almost completely off of these unnecessary medications can I see just how devastating the effects of these mistakes and miscalculations were. And here I was, thinking it was ME! Woof.

I need to get my shit together and write/talk/record/create more about this experience. I think it can and will be very helpful to those in similar situations, and those struggling with mental wellbeing and the trial and error of behavioral health. I just hope I can find a new set of doctors that can treat the whole picture and provide comprehensive treatment that doesn’t turn into a shitshow of counter-indications and side effects. Until then, however, Hillary’s Medical Misadventures will continue, I’m sure.

Stay tuned, hopefully for real this time, for more updates. It’s a whole new old Hillary. Here’s to me…


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